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Basic information about the CR

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a democratic country with a liberal constitution and a political system that is based on free competition between political parties and movements. The highest state representative is the president of the republic, the supreme legislative body of the bicameral Parliament of the Czech Republic, consisting of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. The Czech Republic is a member state of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), the European Union and the Visegrad Group.

The Czech Republic is an inland country located in the middle of the temperate zone in the Northern Hemisphere in the central part of Europe and constitutes the area of the historical regions of Bohemia, Moravia and part of Silesia.

The Czech Republic neighbors Poland (border length 761.8 km), Germany (border length 810.3 km), Austria (border length 466.3 km) and Slovakia (border length 251.8 km).

A long-term tradition in the Czech Republic is held by industry and industrial production. Its structure develops in the direction of the structure typical of small, developed market economies. In recent years, the share of the food-processing industry has increased, and the share in engineering decreased; however, engineering is still the most significant industrial area in the CR. In terms of consumer industry, traditional industrial areas of textiles and clothing industry, production of shoes, porcelain, ceramics and glass jewelry are among the most developed.

Basic information:

Formation: 1. 1. 1993
Area: 78 864 km²
Population: 10,467,542 (to 31.12.2008)
Density of population: 131 na km2
Official language: Czech
Political system: parliament republic
Currency: 1 Czech crown (CZK)
Capital city: Prague
Regional division: 14 regions
Religion: mostly Roman Catholic religion (39.2 %); many people without religion (39.7 %)
EU member: since 01.05.2004
Internet pages: .cz
International telephone code: 00420
Population: Czechs 90.4 %, Moravians 3.7 %, Slovaks 1.9 %, others 4 % (2001)
Time zone: +1h
Highest point: 1602 m (Sněžka)
Lowest point: 115 m (level of the Labe River by Hřensko)

Public holidays:

1. January Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State
8. May Liberation Day
5. July Sts. Cyril and Methodius Day
6. July Jan Hus Day
28. September Czech Statehood Day
28. October Independent Czechoslovak State Day
17. November Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

Other public holidays:

1. January New Year
  Eastern Monday
1. May Labor Day
24. December Christmas Eve
25. December First Christmas Day
26. December Second Christmas Day

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